M-Audio Keystudio 49i

I was trolling the web for gear a few months back and this keyboard jumped of the screen at me. How cool I thought, a small footprint keyboard with an audio interface built into it. On further exploration I found out that it was the same audio interface electronics from M-Audio’s much acclaimed Fast Track Pro. Then I saw the USB connector and I knew I had found an inexpensive MIDI controller. Gear lust broke out all over me. I want one.

If I had one of these bad boys, I could conquer the world. Well maybe not, but when I travel with my Macbook Pro I could compose, overdub and mix in a hotel room all I need is the computer with software (Check and Check) a microphone with a small stand (Check) Headphones (Checkaroony) and the Keystudio 49i (oops). Well now you know what I want from Santa (weather I believe in him or not) this year.

I’ll be doing some traveling at the end of the year, perhaps I could have an early Christmas. (a guy can hope right?)


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